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Dana is a renowned expert and speaker on leadership, the future of work, the total talent ecosystem, and the technologies that enable how work gets done. Her depth of wisdom surrounding leadership development, women in technology, risk management and the growing needs and usage of freelancers, independent contractors, and the nonemployee workforce makes her a must-have when contemplating your next event. Whether you are wanting to develop the leaders in your company, navigating the intersections between enterprise companies and their suppliers, regulatory or legislative macro trends, or simply wanting to understand the risk management measures that must come with today's talent, her use cases, quantifiable research, and network of other like-minded experts will help your audience walk away with actionable insights.


Dana frequently shares stories, what works, and how to avoid what doesn’t as it relates to the F2000, start-up, and nonprofit worlds as they contemplate what’s next surrounding their people practices. Today, she coaches leaders, teams, and organizations to realign their goals to become market leaders and, ultimately, market makers. Her passion towards giving back also finds her mentoring, training, and leading discussions with women in technology and urban youth. Dana has a voice that resonates with the mission towards diversity, inclusion, and eliminating unconscious bias.


Authentic leadership is when leaders are honest and forthcoming with those we lead. It's leading by example while walking the walk, not simply talking the talk. So when we, as leaders, run sprints insides of marathons, we are attempting to have it all by doing it all. We send the message that this is how we expect those we lead to act as well. With insights, tools, tips, and stories this keynote (or workshop) will reveal to you where you are and where you want to be and how to lead with true authenticity.


Work-life “balance” plagues the modern world with its painted ideal of the super-human who is able to work a full-time job, be a fantastic friend, be there for his or her family, donate his/her time to a good cause, and still have time to work out. “Stop Settling,” means stop settling unconsciously and habitually. And once you've done that, you can start Settling Smart, understanding what you truly value and shifting and adjusting your time to match your priorities. Stop Settling will help you understand your priorities and how to start making adjustments to start living your full life.


Often, when talking about managing and leading teams of people, the conversation veers towards managing down. How do you motivate your team? How do you implement responsibility in your team? And while those skills are vital, to be a good manager and leader, there needs to be more than that. It's a 360, you need to be able not only to manage those who report to you but also the people you report to and your coworkers. As you become better at this internally, in this enlightening and actionable talk track, you will learn how to pull it through externally with clients and partners, manage expectations, and create rules of engagement.




New York, New York 





New York, New York 




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Silicon Valley, California


In this wise book, Dana Look-Arimoto reframes work-life balance for the 21st century. She argues fora more well-rounded way of looking at career, family, friendships, community, and vitality using a deliberate and self-aware method of making the choices that are right for you. This book is a much-needed call for sanity and a real breath of fresh air for anyone who feeling overwhelmed. 

- Daniel H. Pink

author of WHEN and DRIVE 

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